• Dec/20/2014
    The new, extended Coursebook

    In the luxury edition of his latest publication, “Coursebook: Inner WingTsun”, Grandmaster Kernspecht points the way to a WingTsun to be understood as an inner style.
    While this most compact of all the books published by EWTO-Verlag fits comfortably into any trouser pocket, it is also a gem for all bibliophile WingTsun followers.

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  • Jun/22/2014
    Record-breaker in Hockenheim

    Record-breaking, but not in the sense of muscle-cars roaring around the Hockenheimring race circuit  to achieve lap records. After the rather cool spring temperatures last year, the weather was particularly kind this year, and gave the school owners attending the Leadership Congress and the participants in the International Seminar plenty of opportunity to work up a sweat at up to 36° C.

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  • Jan/24/2014
    The grand 2014 EWTO seminar event

    Get ready for the EWTO's highlight seminar of the year: the 2014 International Seminar in Hockenheim. The theme of the event this time is "Control and Risk".

    All you need to know to make your plans is just a mouse-click away.

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  • Dec/31/2013
    New Year message for 2014

    Dear friends, students and colleagues,

    I am using the remaining few days of the year to complete the manuscript for my new book project. I therefore expect the "Course book: Inner WingTsun" to appear as early as February.

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  • Dec/31/2010
    New Year's greetings 2011

    Dear friends, students and colleagues,
    Owing to the paralysing and decelerating power of snow, I have been obliged to spend the last few days of the year like a hermit in my house in Kiel. And just as well, for it meant that I was able to concentrate fully on putting the finishing touches to my new book "Resistance is Futile!". (This is also a good excuse for the season's greetings that I failed to write or reply to).

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  • Nov/10/2010
    Why does the EWTO not take part in competitions?

    Time and again we are asked the question by outsiders, but also by new members and even very advanced students who should know better:


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  • Sep/30/2010
    World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts

    Prof. Dr. Wojciech J. Cynarski, 7th Dan Karate and Jiu-Jitsu (who like Prof. Tarabanov from Russia was a guest of honour at our Int. Seminar in Hockenheim), had issued an invitation to the town of Rzeszow in Poland to discuss scientific aspects of the martial arts in a round of experts from all over the world. Those invited were professors from a wide range of universities worldwide who also concerned themselves with the martial arts beyond their specialist fields, and accordingly Prof. Dr. Keith R. Kernspecht also followed the call.

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  • Feb/26/2010
    The Big Seven – International EWTO Seminar 2010

    "The Big Seven" sounds like the title for a new epic film. Haven't we had this before? In 1960 it was "The Magnificent Seven" who thrilled cinema-goers in the action film of the same name. This was based on the film classic "The Seven Samurai" (1954) by the outstanding Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.
    This year it is the EWTO that is writing the screenplay for the Big Seven.

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  • Feb/01/2010
    Official EWTO statement on the amicable and agreed parting of the ways with Victor Gutierrez

    This is an official announcement that Victor Gutierrez is no longer part of the EWTO management team, and has left the association on his own request to launch the competing organisation he has been secretely planning for the last year on 1 February 2010.

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  • Jun/19/2009
    Grandmaster Kernspecht is now a "Doctor of Science"

    The subject of his thesis:
    "Strategy and Tactics of the Martial Art of WingTsun as a Means of Self-Defence"
    Sofia, 17.06.2009

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