• Feb/14/2018
    Achieving outstanding skill – how can I do that?

    The basic recipe for outstanding performance is passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing. These ingredients make it easy for you to remain motivated and look for constant improvement. Irrespective of how far you have progressed previously.

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  • Feb/12/2018
    New Year's Greeting 2018

    On the first day of the year I am happy to open my brand-new diary and energetically project my thoughts into the future. Sometimes I have some kind of a guiding theme in mind which I intend the coming year to follow.
    I want to make 2018 a year of consolidation.

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  • Nov/30/2017
    Introduction of the 3rd Martial Arts Discipline under the EWTO umbrella: "THE WAY OF GM SAM CHIN"

    If one is a master in one thing,
    one should start all over again as a beginner in another!

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  • Oct/31/2017
    BlitzFight – The newest department of the EWTO

    This year GM Thomas Schrön and I started the new Blitzfight department within the EWTO. Here is a resume of all the important facts about the new department, and a brief overview of what has happened this year.

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  • Sep/30/2017
    WingTsun classes awaken emotions

    Dear WingTsun teachers and students, this month my thoughts have turned to the subject of emotions when teaching and learning WingTsun – especially from the teacher's point of view.

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  • Jul/31/2017
    What does iWT do differently?

    I started practicing the martial arts in the late 1950s.
    Suspecting that something decisive was still missing after over 10 years of Judo, JiuJitsu, Karate, Kempo, Taekwondo, Hapkido etc., I found it in 1970, in *ing *un:
    In 1970, in the Wing Chun of Joseph Cheng (London),
    In 1976 in the WingTsun of Leung Ting and
    In 1979 in the Non-Classical Gung Fu of Jesse Glover, the 1st student,1st assistant and best fighter of Bruce Lee.

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  • Jun/08/2017
    It's Ip Man's fault!

    It's all Ip Man's fault – the one in the films, not the real Yip Man! Yes, the real-life grandmaster called himself Yip Man, not Ip Man, but that is another story. At least I believe that Ip Man is to blame for the expectations of what "real" WingTsun (or Wing Chun or Ving Tsun etc.) should look like. When teaching I sometimes joke as I explain something, by saying: "See, that's the right way to do it, because Ip Man does the very same in the film …"

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  • Apr/30/2017
    Fascination of WingTsun

    You are in the cinema watching a martial arts film, and are amazed at the ease with which the star makes his moves. At his elegance and speed when executing his defensive moves, high kicks and hand techniques, all of them smooth and precise. It all looks so easy, and every blow finds its target.

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  • Apr/14/2017
    Maximum Know-how!

    The grandiose 40th anniversary seminar last year was an event with many superlatives. The huge number of participants broke every previous record. One spectacular highlight was followed by the next. Whether the extensive range of seminars with numerous visiting instructors or the accompanying events, all those who were there agree that it might only be topped by the 50th anniversary celebrations!
    But even though there is no anniversary to celebrate this year, the 2017 International Seminar is set to become a very special event as well!

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  • Mar/03/2017
    Talking and fighting

    A dialogue between someone who teaches fighting and someone who writes about it, about a well-known analogy which is still often used by WT teachers: you learn WT as you learn a foreign language.

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