• May/04/2015
    May is a time of change …

    … also in the EWTO, and one of the new features is that I want to give my team space to write their own regular editorials on this page!

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  • Mar/31/2015
    WT and Grappling

    As my research work is currently concerned with the way towards Inner WingTsun, I have asked Grandmaster Oliver König, who together with DaiSiFu Thomas Schrön has long examined the subject of "grappling" and its relative value in WingTsun self-defence, to write a guest editorial on the state of affairs.

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  • Feb/28/2015
    "Do you still practice the forms?"

    At present I am once again engaged in intensive research for our WingTsun training – and not least also the WingTsun forms. This is a subject that comes up again and again. But as I am very short of time right now, I have asked the man who has studied the forms most intensively to write something about them in a guest editorial: GM Giuseppe Schembri.

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  • Jan/31/2015
    From Tweet to Editorial

    A Tweet by GM_Kernspecht is followed by a question, and immediately gives rise to a train of thought which has every potential to become an editorial:

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  • Jan/01/2015
    All good things come in threes

    In my New Year's greeting I have already provided an outlook on the direction my personal plans for the coming year will take.
    The freedom I have to devote myself so intensively to the further development of our WingTsun is due entirely to the support I receive from a superb team: Grandmaster Giuseppe Schembri – 9th degree, Grandmaster Oliver König – 9th degree, DaiSifu Thomas Schrön – 8th degree and DaiSifu Andreas Groß – 7th degree.

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  • Nov/30/2014
    Back to the future – or –Forward into the past

    An exciting year is drawing to a close, one during which we have made our WT go a great deal "further".

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  • Oct/31/2014
    Sharpening up the attack in WingTsun

    As I have spent October on a research tour related to the martial arts, I have requested Dr. Oliver König to help out by writing a guest editorial on the importance of correct and effective, appropriate attacks to stop an opponent.

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  • Sep/30/2014
    Why "Inner" WingTsun?

    Some want to know why I refer to my WT as "Inner WingTsun".
    I am of course well aware that there are very different assumptions about the meaning of "inner" in the martial arts.

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  • Aug/31/2014
    How useful is it to teach self-defence against bladed weapons?

    DaiSifu Dr. Oliver König has examined this topic very extensively, therefore I have asked him to present his thoughts in the form of a guest editorial.

    Your SiFu/SiGung Keith R. Kernspecht

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  • Jul/31/2014
    Do the movements we use for fighting come from the forms?

    In outer *ing *un people make it easy for themselves and resort to what appears likely: the forms and the movements they contain.

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