Corona and Sticking Hands?

How do they go together? While I am writing this editorial with Natalie, there is still a ban on teaching and not only we WingTsun people, but almost all social circles and professions are hoping that the actual risk to life, or also the disproportionate paralysis (will we ever know?), will soon fade into the background.

Yes, if we really have to, we can practice WingTsun without ChiSao for a few months, with solo exercises, forms, wallbag and punchbag drills, etc. In this way we can see our way through this terrible, VIRAL time.

In Karate, Taekwondo etc. they are doing the same to stay fit for real life after the virus.

But as a key exercise, or as the "soul of everything", our WingTsun has something else that other combat styles do not have in this form, namely "sticking hands".

Many consider the forms to be most important; in earlier times 90 % of KungFu and the Japanese form of KungFu, i.e. Karate, consisted of forms.

WingTsun (wing chun) and a few other, usually Chinese styles, also have tactile methods which are known as "ChiSao" in WingTsun.
For me these are the special feature that makes it so alluring, and we know how important it is for human health to be touched and touch others.

For the time being this is precisely what has to be restricted, as it is not even possible to buy protective masks etc., which is why there is currently no point in  recommending them ...

Although I am sorely tempted, I will refrain from giving out good advice about what I would do and politicians are not doing to curtail the problem. And anyway perhaps all of us, including most local politicians, are more or less in the dark where the actual situation is concerned.

Nonetheless I am confident that we will overcome this challenge, because we are resourceful, fighting is part of our WT nature, and because we in the EWTO are not standing alone but together. Together we are strong!

Home ChiSao-Team: SiFu, Natalie and SiWau Alexa

In these "non-contact" days, those who have a ChiSao partner in the household, or are able to reactivate or train one up, can consider themselves very fortunate:

Apple pie every two days, a short tour with my 1967 Opel Rally Kadett and an hour or so of home ChiSao training each day are the highlights of our enforced self-isolation. They are what enables us to persevere, remain optimistic and avoid going stir-crazy.

Each of us has to find our own way of not getting on the nerves of others in the household, and avoid them getting on ours. Make love not war, clear up your things and practice ChiSao with others of the same household!

I have previously only shown photos of how we eat apple pie, and you can follow our last excursion with the Kadett on my Facebook account @GrandmasterKernspecht.

EWTO members also have access to our EWTO member platform, to which we grandmasters upload a new, detailed instruction film for our students every day at 4 p.m.

Any EWTO member can log-in here with his/her personal access data:

Using our home ChiSao training, in which SiWau Alexa also takes part, Natalie and I have now clearly explained the most important points of the first two of the three seeds of WingTun (FookSao, TanSao and BongSao) with Alexa on Facebook and, in correspondingly more detail, on the EWTO member platform:

  • For FookSao her paw lies across that of her opponent, and does not let it rise.
  • Alexa finds it harder to manage TanSao (according to the form), because she cannot turn her paw over, but she can perform the FUNCTION of FookSao because she now knows that its task is to keep the opponent’s paw outside, i.e. not to let it cover her own.

BongSao still awaits us, and we three will see how she manages one of these days. Anatomically speaking, SiWau Alexa should be able to perform a passable BongSao. I have already explained to her in advance that although BongSao plays a huge role in WingTsun (wing chun), and is indeed its trademark, so to speak, it can also be a trap for those who do not know the limitations and problems of BongSao.

Watching the relevant YouTube clips, it is clear that many experts do not find it easy to explain the function(s!) of BongSao.

The explanation is that they themselves learned phenographically, and always work from the outer form as something prescribed and binding, rather than understanding the movement by its real purpose.

I want to further this understanding with our small, home-made video clips, deepen it with my coming book "ChiSao Kuen" and teach it by touch in my "ChiSao Kuen" workshops, which have unfortunately been interrupted by the virus.

You are welcome to ask me questions on Facebook, and not only about ChiSao Kuen or Fook, Tan and Bong. I am happy to answer absolutely anything – if you have very intimate questions or matters that are not for public consumption, write me a confidential email to my private account express@EWTO.com.

Your SiFu/SiGung
Keith R. Kernspecht

PS: Please do not call me "Grandmaster" either in correspondence or in person, as this smacks more of titles such as "senior consultant" or "company spokesman".

  • As members please address me as "SiFu" or "SiGung", depending, and be informal.
  • The usual form of address is ok for non-members. "Hello Mr Kernspecht" and due respect are sufficient.
  • Those who are martial artists but not EWTO members and not my disciples can address me as "Sifu Kernspecht“ if they like (with a small "f", which would mean "KungFu teacher".