BlitzDefence News

  • Jun/15/2007
    Self-defence from the point of view of the communication sciences – Part 6

    Distances are particularly important in extreme circumstances such as a self-defence situation. Read how you can make use of the psychology of distances for self-defence purposes...

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  • Feb/15/2007
    Self-defence from the point of view of the communication sciences – Part 4

    It is not only self-defence that is influenced posture and gestures – they also have an effect on what happens in class.

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  • Mar/31/2005
    Sooner than you think...

    ... you can get into a situation where you suddenly need to use what you have learned. Some are always waiting for it and never get into such a situation, while others seem to slide from one to the other.

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  • Feb/27/2005
    Does BlitzDefence do what it says?

    This provocative question was put to a large number of EWTO school owners and instructors in the last print edition of WingTsun World. It is now four years since they started teaching the "new" programmes which Grandmaster Kernspecht introduced under the generic name of BlitzDefence in 2000. Here are a few further responses for which there was unfortunately no more room in WingTsun World No. 28.

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  • Oct/30/2004
    Ritual combat

    Even if regular WT training – especially in the BlitzDefence programmes – leads to victory in what we refer to as a ritualised fight, it may well be that one or the other person still feels the loser ...

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  • Oct/28/2004
    Blitzdefence for the judiciary – physical threats as an occupational hazard

    Sifu Frank Rieker has been teaching WT in his own school since 1994, and learned the BlitzDefence programmes from the ground up when they were introduced by the EWTO. Recently he was given an assignment by the justice department to teach approx. 40 male and female employees working in the Tübingen, Rottweil & Hechingen areas the BlitzDefence deescalation methods at his WT school in Bisingen.

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  • Aug/30/2003
    On the door with BlitzDefence

    "Fighting and winning all your battles is not the highest achievement. The greatest achievement lies in breaking the resistance of your enemy without a battle." Sun-Szu - The Art of War

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  • Jul/30/2003
    Your opinions on the subject of 'civic courage' - Results

    Never hesitated to help if I was able to

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  • Jul/29/2003
    Blitzdefence project for the prevention of violence

    The duties of Dieter Heusel include internal security and mobile youth work, with the emphasis on preventing acts of violence and vandalism by adolescents and working with the local police authority in cases of criminal acts carried out by adolescents and children. Depending on the seriousness of the crime the perpetrator is either prosecuted or ordered to carry out community service. Duties also include personal security in the inner city area, also for women (e.g. night patrols), and project monitoring incl. the direct use of force.

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  • Jul/01/2003
    Your opinion on the subject of "civic courage"

    Northern Germany at the end of May - people are outraged. A 14 year-old girl is brutallly raped by a man in the middle of a shopping street. She screams, pleads for help and begs a number of pedestrians to intervene. The attack continues for 30 minutes and is witnessed by at least seven people – and not one of them comes to her aid. The fact that the crime was not committed in broad daylight, as reported by Europe's largest daily newspaper, but according to FOCUS magazine at 10.00 pm does not make it any the less horrific.

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