Ritual combat

Even if regular WT training – especially in the BlitzDefence programmes – leads to victory in what we refer to as a ritualised fight, it may well be that one or the other person still feels the loser ...

Dear Sifu Keith R. Kernspecht,

My wife and I have owned a bar/restaurant for around three years, and so far we have had our clientele under enough control – with the help of a little sensitivity and the Blitzdefence/WingTsun I have learned - to avoid any serious disagreements. At least until yesterday evening, that is.

The ritual took place right in front of my eyes, like a film, just as you briefly describe it in your book (On Single Combat).

One fairly drunken guest insulted another who was sitting down, grabbing him by the lapel as he did so. I tried to get over to them as quickly as possible to prevent worse trouble, but unfortunately the bar was packed with people and I got there too late.
When I arrived he had already sunk his fist into the face of the man sitting down. I intervened to put a stop to things, but the drunk’s blood was up and he drew back his fist to let fly in my direction.

To put it mildly, I would not allow this to happen and traumatised him to the extent that he was unconscious for a short time. Then I put him outside the door as quickly as possible to avoid any further trouble.

After a brief telephone call to his brother, who soon turned up to collect him, the matter was more or less over and done with as far as I was concerned.

I say “more or less“ because I spent the rest of the night turning the events of the evening over in my mind and asking myself why I had been obliged to respond in such a tough way. Or had I been wrong to go so far? What would have happened if I had not intervened?

When I started WingTsun I was not aware that there is always another opponent, namely myself. Even though I emerged the victor during the incident of yesterday evening, I still feel I was the loser. It is hard to reassure myself that everything I tried to do and actually did was the right thing. Many thanks in advance for your answer.

Thomas Nutsch

12th SG, preparing for the 1st TG

Dear Thomas,
According to your letter, I consider your intervention to have been necessary and appropriate. For I assume that the aggressor did not incur any lasting damage. The fact that your conscience is troubling you only shows that this highest court of appeal is still active within you, and has not yet been silenced as in so many cases.

Best regards,