• Jul/01/2019
    The most important things are already in the first lessons!

    For over 16 years I have experienced and lived with WingTsun on a daily basis, as what might be called an ″in-house student″ of Sifu Kernspecht. For him, literally everything revolves around WingTsun, and all other topics are merely reference points to be applied to WT.

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  • Jun/06/2019
    The sucker punch – an unfair surprise attack

    Although it has been in common use in the street for a very long time, the term ”sucker punch“ from American slang only gained common currency in non English-speaking countries in 2011, when the American action fantasy film of the same name directed by Zack Snyder came to the cinemas. This made it known to the general public, though it takes its origin from boxing and refers to a rapid and unexpected attack.

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  • Apr/30/2019
    A master teaching beginners – waste of time or enrichment?

    Again and again I hear highly graded teachers say “I don’t teach student grades, I don’t find it interesting.“ This point of view is understandable. It can certainly be tedious to explain the same things over and over again – having to start from scratch, so to speak.

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  • Apr/02/2019
    Standing still means going backwards

    While the saying "Standing still means going backwards" does not come from me, but from Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder (1926 - 1989) – a top manager and company chairman of many years standing – I think it expresses very nicely why changes are necessary.

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  • Feb/28/2019
    Tactile reflex training with "sticky arms"

    In this editorial I will explain why tactile reflex training with "sticky arms" is the ideal training for self-defence. You can try it out for yourselves at the Easter Seminar in Großwallstadt near Frankfurt/Main, where I will be teaching it. To set the scene, here is an extract from my coming book on tactile reflex training with "sticky arms", "ChiSao":

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  • Feb/03/2019
    10 expert tips on responding to knife attacks

    There is no universal answer when faced with an armed attacker, but the following tips might increase your chances of survival in an emergency!

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  • Dec/31/2018
    Only idiots or psychopaths know no fear!

    In September 2013 Kaicho Jon Bluming wrote the following to me in a letter: "Anybody who knows no fear must be an idiot or somehow mentally disturbed. In the  Korean War I often felt real fear,…"

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  • Dec/03/2018
    An eventful BlitzFight year 2018

    The year 2018 is coming to a close. Time for a brief review of what it brought us with respect to BlitzFight, and still will in December.

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  • Aug/09/2018
    WingTsun adapts itself to the danger

    WingTsun was formerly a method for resistance fighters, but today it is a modern means of self-defence. Grandmaster Dr. Oliver König explains what areas of emphasis beginners should focus on in their training.

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  • Jul/06/2018
    More time to teach WingTsun students

    When we started our EWTO Leadership programme, it quickly became obvious that optimised software would be essential for professional work as a school owner. So we went in search of a suitable programme in the convoluted software market.

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