Kids in the Candy Store – Grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan in Germany

Here is the report on the EWTO seminar with grappling legend GM Gokor Chivichyan in Bruchsal:
What child has never dreamed of being able to pick and choose anything it wants in a candy shop? Transposed to a martial artist, this would mean: I can spoil an opponent's attack without having to ask myself if I have the strength to do it. This is what we have always sought to achieve in WingTsun, and it also has top priority in grappling, as grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan emphasised in Bruchsal.


Over the weekend of 31st March to 2nd April, grappling enthusiasts once again came together on the premises of 1. Bruchsaler Budo Club e.V. to expand their grappling skills on the mats under the instruction of grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone enthusiastic to practice and absorb the exercises and hints given to them by the grappling legend. This generated plenty of sweat, but fun was had by all!


GM Gokor Chivichyan demonstrated clearly how to bring an opponent under control by numerous means, but without exerting a great deal of strength. "If you have a choice of techniques, you are like kids in a candy store and can have fun!" "You don’t have to do it by force!", was his message.
Naturally the EWTO people agreed completely with this, as that is precisely what WingTsun is about.

In addition to his speciality, leg locks, Sensei Gokor demonstrated spectacular throws and detailed techniques from various positions. In the process he patiently dissected even the most complicated sequences into simple learning steps, answered every question and was constantly on the move to intervene and correct the students.

Alongside many EWTO participants, numerous instructors and students from other martial arts styles attended the open seminar. They all worked hard together, and the positive atmosphere helped to ensure learning progress for all.

Grappling is one of the key aspects of the new EWTO section BlitzFight. In this section, especially younger students keen on physical activity can practice sparring, drills and grappling to their heart's content without the need for us to dilute the self-defence emphasis of our regular WingTsun classes.

The Hayastan grappling system of grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan and his teacher grandmaster Gene LeBell is particularly interesting because it combines several grappling styles, e.g. Judo, Sambo, BJJ, Wrestling, Submission Wrestling etc., without the rules of individual styles limiting the system. The main focus is also on technique, as became clear during the seminar: with correctly performed techniques, it is even possible to prevail on the ground against a stronger opponent.

In view of the positive feedback, we plan to organise a seminar with Karen Darabedyan, the master student of Sensei Gokor, before the year is out. This is expected to take place in Munich from 15th to 17th December. More details will follow later.

Text: ok/hm
Photos: mg