What is Chi-Sao for me

The special Whitsun seminar will be dedicated to the motto ″Learn from the Best″. From 8th to 10th May, GM Gokor Chivichyan, my team of grandmasters and I will teach on various subjects in Großwallstadt. I will be focussing on function-oriented ChiSao, with the aim of making the eternal WingTsun dilemma transparent and finally resolving it …

At the Whitsun seminar I will use my daily classes to show that as an exercise, ChiSao is not called the ”soul of WingTsun” without reason.

The more research I do, the more I come to realise that rather than just being an important aspect, it is EVERYTHING. ChiSao is the whole fight, and an essential preparation for self-defence, though in extremely compressed form.

At the Whitsun seminar I will show both in theory and practice what is REALLY important in ChiSao, and it is not the individual movements as one might suppose.

What actually counts if we are striving for effectiveness is precise and correct behaviour at the small point of contact between my arm and the arm of the opponent. Bringing this about is the true GOAL in ChiSao. It is primarily about STICKING tothe point of contact. This is a COMPULSORY MOVEMENT from which we cannot free ourselves if we want to fight logically, and fight effortlessly according to the “rules“ imposed on us by WingTsun.

While the movement of my arm and the rest of my body is secondary, it is by no means unimportant, as this is what makes STICKING at the point of contact POSSIBLE at all. The different body movements, which can be performed variably and freely, are the MEANS.

The body movements take a certain FORM which we call FookSao, TaanSao and BongSao, to name the most important classical techniques (the ”seeds of WT”).

The visual APPEARANCE or shape of these three techniques is shown by example in the WT forms.

However, the PRINCIPLE “WingTsun“ is not about how something looks, but about the effectiveness or FUNCTION, because WT is a method by which we want to defend our lives. WT must work in a real fight, not just look right and true to style. So the FUNCTION must be in the forefront, and the form in the background. It would be different in a dance, where the form is in the forefront.

Nonetheless, there is a CONNECTION in WT between the function and form (Gestalt!) of the movement. The same connection that exists between cause and effect: if performed mindfully, the variable formmovement makes it POSSIBLE for the function to be carried out with the intended effect. However, for this to happen we must first know WHAT we want to achieve, and what situations or problems our respective means (Fook, Taan, Bong, etc.) can resolve.

I want to lend transparency to the eternal dilemma: the appearance and purpose of a movement, and resolving this problem using the method of ChiSao.

I am looking forward to an eventful Whitsun weekend with you!

GM Keith R. Kernspecht

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