Escrima Fighter Meeting 2007

This year's event is fast approaching, and the planning and preparations are now at full stretch.

A Japanese TV team (almost ;-)) came all the way from Japan to film the preparatory training of the Maintal fighters. They were doing a report on sighting and optical equipment in Wetzlar, and also about a special police unit. When they heard that there was a nearby martial arts school offering fight training with old European weapons and methods, they asked for permission to film and were invited to attend the training. They were very enthusiastic, and filmed all day long.

Other EWTO students, fighters and instructors are also very welcome to come to this preparatory training, which is held every Friday at the Escrima school in Maintal, as thorough, progressive preparation for a tournament with a variety of sparring partners always makes good sense.
Those interested should contact:

Here are the details of the event:
 Escrima Fighter Meeting 2007
 Saturday, 3rd November 2007
 Admission: 12.00 noon
 Registration: 12.30 pm
 Start: 1.00 pm

- Beginners
- Advanced
- Open Class
- Single stick
- Double sticks

Fees:  € 10.- (purely to cover costs) for fighters
 €   2.- for spectators

Prizes:  Trophies, prizes, medals, certificate for every contestant

Sporthalle der Wilhelm-Geibel-Schule
Kleinfellerstr. 2
63454 Hanau
Direct link:
Flyers, registration forms, rules, etc. can be ordered free of charge for EWTO members at:

Enjoy your (indispensable) training.
Sifu Frank B. Metzner, 3rd TG Escrima