Escrima Tutorial – Part 2

Grandmaster Bill Newman on the warm-up.

The warm-up develops the ability to use both sides of the body – both hands. What we do with the right hand, we also do with the left. And in the martial arts, as in any sporting discipline, the ability to act ambidextrously and engage both brain hemispheres is an immense advantage. And the sooner you start, the better. Anything we do with our right hand we can also do with our left. Any step we take to the right we can also take to the left. Moreover, the warm-up gives our instructors a chance to have a good look at people and help them develop their own style over a certain period of time, so that they do not have to change from one technique to another. It is a form and a way forward for us.

Warm Up

Part 1 (weapon in the right hand)

1. Strike 1 with 45° right forward step 
2. Strike 4 with short 45° right forward step 
3. Strike 1, moving the rear leg slightly to the right

Part 2 (weapon in the left hand)

4. Strike 1 with 45° left forward step 
5. Strike 4 with short 45° left forward step 
6. Strike 1, moving the rear leg slightly to the left

Hint: If your left is too weak for effective strikes, support it with your right hand until you have developed enough control and striking power with your left.

Note: Always execute your movements in combination with footwork and keep your weapon shoulder forward, whether you are attacking or countering!

 Always remember, bullies are looking for a victim, not an opponent! Escrima makes you an opponent!